Solar energy

The solar energy industry is a young, ambitious, dynamic and fast growing market in The Netherlands. Ventolines is equally growing in this industry and is currently acquiring and developing for its clients a number of ground-mounted solar farms spread throughout the country. In parallel, Ventolines is developing a number of offshore solar farms, solar farms in combination with wind power, and in combination with (battery) storage. Through the farming background of its owners, Ventolines develops socially and agriculturally responsible projects with optimal landscape and visual designs. Ventolines offers its clients extensive knowledge and experience in the acquisition, development, contracting, financing, construction and asset management phases of a project. In addition, we offer due diligence services. We are unique in the market through our experts’ extensive experience in the international solar energy industry, as well as through our experts’ extensive experience in all phases of small, medium and large on- and offshore wind energy projects.


The activities throughout the development phase for a solar farm are largely similar to those for a wind farm in terms of permit and stakeholder management and grid connections. Landscape and visual design, the combination between agricultural land use and ground-mounted solar farms and of course the technical aspects differ between solar and wind. Ventolines provides services nationally and can realize your project from start to finish.

Contracting and financing

A solar farm often involves dozens of contracts to arrange things properly. Think about, for example, agreements between lenders and borrowers, agreements with various contractors, designers and managers, a Power Purchase Agreement, building permits and grid connection contracts. Ventolines can advise you on the contract strategy and negotiate optimal contracts for your projects, not only pre-construction, but also during the construction and operational phases. Ventolines also advises its clients on financing, equity and public participation structures and can clearly identify the participation options. The Ventolines team has its own financial, contracting and technical experts that can provide complementary advice about financial questions.


Ventolines can manage and supervise your solar farm construction. Activities can include inspections, project management, site management and contract management. Our goal is to realise your project safely, on time, and within budget.

If you want to know more about onshore wind energy, contact Mark van Rij