Onshore wind

The Dutch wind energy industry offers many opportunities to develop, construct and/or operate (new) wind energy projects. Ventolines does not only provide services in the development, contracting, financing, construciton and asset management phases of new projects, but also for the extension and redevelopment sector.


Ventolines is involved in the development of both large and small-scale wind projects. Our knowledge and experience in the field of project development mean we are more than capable of guiding and advising our clients on the many questions that typically exist at this project stage.

Contracting and financing

A wind project often involves dozens of contracts to arrange things properly. Think about, for example, agreements between lenders and borrowers, agreements with various contractors, designers and managers, a Power Purchase Agreement, land leases and easements and grid connection contracts. Ventolines can advise on contracting strategies and negotiate optimal contracts for projects, not only pre-construction, but during the construction and operational phases. Ventolines furthermore advises its clients on financing, equity and public participation structures and can map out participation options. The Ventolines team has its own financial, legal and technical experts that can provide complementary advice about financial questions.


Ventolines carries out construction management for many small and large scale wind energy projects. This includes project, site and contract management. Our goal is to realise a project safely, on time, and within budget.

Asset management

Ventolines has an experienced asset management organization boasting significant knowledge about wind turbines, service providers and contracts. Our team carries out technical inspections of wind turbines, and assesses their technical status and quality of maintenance, shored up by an advanced wind farm management and monitoring system. Through ongoing and effective turbine performance monitoring, and proactive project and quality management, Ventolines ensures optimal performance of wind farms. In addition to technical management, Ventolines offers commercial (contract management) and financial management services for wind farms.

If you want to know more about onshore wind energy, contact Allard van der Steege