Meet Benjamin Stobbe

Benjamin Stobbe is an electrical power engineer and consultant at Ventolines. What do you spend your time on? “On the electrical infrastructure of projects, from the turbine to the grid connection with the grid operator. This can be medium voltage (Liander, Enexis, Stedin), but also high voltage at TenneT. It is important to me that I work in the field, as well as in the office. I spend my time preparing initial preliminary designs and technical contracts, checking electrical designs and calculations, managing electrical interfaces and supervising electrical works. But my responsibilities also include testing and attending tests of key components. Moreover, I also have to be able to explain and explain all this to the customer.”

“With a team of experts from all fields, we work on amazing projects. We need each other to achieve our goal, which ensures a good atmosphere.”

“I have always found renewable energy interesting and I wanted to contribute to the energy transition. This motivated me to work in the renewable energy sector. I thought to myself: I have the capacity to make an impact, so I should. Ideally, I wanted to do something tangible and renewable energy projects are a good example of that.”  

“When I started at Ventolines in 2019, I was one of the first electrical engineers. Partly due to the flat organizational structure, I could really make an impact in my role. Naturally, this also brought challenges, sometimes I missed experts from my field with whom I could discuss things. After three years, I still enjoy what I do! I work on great projects, for example Windpark Fryslân, Windpark Hattemerbroek, Windplan Groen and the Closed Distribution System Groen. How cool is it that I have contributed to these projects in different roles, both supporting and more leading?”  

“Of course, there is more to life than electrical engineering. Social activities, having fun and creating a positive working atmosphere are very important to me. That’s why, pretty soon after I started at Ventolines, I joined the party committee. With several colleagues we organize drinks, events and team building activities.”  

“Ventolines is very involved in the energy transition, we like to make time to visit projects with clients, local residents and students. This way, we hope to inspire not only all stakeholders, but also future generations. 

“I enjoy contributing to making the world a better place. That is what renewable energy means to me, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the world like we do. This is where a combination of solar, wind, water and energy storage will play an important role. Only by working together will we solve this problem, which is why it is such a challenge. As Ventolines, we want to contribute to that, think for example about drafting market standards, or agreements that allow for wind, solar and storage projects to share a grid connection.”  


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