Joany Mennega works at Ventolines as an Asset Information & Process Manager. Can you tell us a little more about your position? “Of course. I manage and optimize processes in terms of internal and external documentation, information and communication. I ensure standardized processes and documents. I did this for three years during the various project phases of Windpark Fryslân, such as the tender, financing, contracting and construction phase. For two years I have been a member of the Asset Management team and 2022 was all about ISO55001.”

You have been working at Ventolines for more than five years now, how did you end up here? “That’s a funny story since this was somewhat by coincidence. When I was 17 years old, I spend a year acting for ‘Theater te Water, a theater production in the north of the country. Because of the good vibe and strong connection, I found it difficult to say goodbye. For example, I later served as a board member of the foundation Podium Verwondering.”

“After my studies Media and Entertainment Management in Leeuwarden, I worked as a Document Controller at a Google datacentre for several years where I digitized documents and implemented processes. Because of further digitalization, the field continues to evolve.”

“At one point I was ready for something more challenging and was approached by a temp agency with an assignment for Ventolines. That really appealed to me, so much so that after three years I became a permanent employee.”

What do you enjoy doing besides your work? “I volunteer as a coach at Vlucht Voorwaarts in Assen where I coach a group of new Dutch people. This is a ten-month coaching program for (multi) cultural groups. Vlucht Voorwaarts connects new Dutch people with people who have been living in Assen for some time through a buddy duo program. Through various meetings in small and large groups, a safe place is created where new people from Assen can develop themselves. I coach these small and large group meetings, as well as the buddy duos. We work on forming goals, discovering qualities, networking, presenting and learning from each other’s cultures, norms and values.”

“During the pandemic I did a very intense and fun coaching course. Since May 2022 I have my own coaching practice, Mennega Coaching, which of course I also enjoy doing. As a coach I focus on career coaching and team building. For this, I have also obtained my DISC and Drives certificate. I enjoy working with people and in this way, I can contribute to a happy working environment.”

How would you describe Ventolines as an organization? “It’s a flat organization with close-knit teams. Everyone is approachable and helpful. As an external employee I already had a good connection with the organization, but now as a permanent employee even more. It is really ensured that you continue to get satisfaction from your work and that you can continue to develop, even in other directions. For example, I will soon handle ISO55001 and everything that comes with it.”

“It says a lot about an organization when external employees, interns, graduates and starters find it so difficult to leave. For example, it happens frequently that students continue to work with us after their internship.”

You sound very positive, but what aspect of your job do you like most? “That’s a difficult question. What drives me a lot is the responsibility you get. You are responsible for your job and colleagues rely on your knowledge and skills. You really add something to the organization, which is very rewarding.” 

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