Meet Juliëtte de Rijk

Legal Counsel
Juliëtte de Rijk

Juliëtte de Rijk is Legal Counsel at Ventolines, what exactly does that entail? “I advise developers of renewable energy project on the environmental aspects of project development. I help my colleagues with questions concerning permits, regulations, zoning plans and contracts.”

“We start on a project and then make every effort to turn all the challenges we encounter into successes, which makes the work extremely varied.” 

What was your motivation to work in renewable energy? “I wanted to use my knowledge concerning environmental law to make a difference. I don’t like standing on the sidelines, so I wanted to take action. Together with my colleagues I work on something tangible, we are working to build something that actually contributes to our future. Because I am part of both the legal team and the development team, I am right on op top of the action. I get to experience a bit of everything. So I’m not only working on legal cases but also very involved in the day-to-day business. That gives me a lot of energy. The fact that after a lot of hard work, I get to see the finished product is a nice bonus.”

“We work on really cool projects and collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry, which creates a particularly nice dynamic in the conference room.”

What is it like to work at Ventolines? “What I enjoy in particular is that I see all kinds of specialisms around me. I’m not only working with legal colleagues, but also with developers, engineers and financial experts. Because we work so closely together, we continuously learn from each other!”

“Furthermore, the team is very amiable. I thoroughly enjoy being in the office and collaborating with my colleagues. The atmosphere among us is pleasant and we regularly organize fun activities so that we can get to know each other outside of work. 

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