Meet Maarten Klap

Maarten Klap

Maarten Klap is Sustainable Energy Advisor at Ventolines. How do you describe your position? “In short, I supervise and support solar, wind and now also hydrogen projects in each fase from acquisition to financial close. My role is very different for each project, because every project is unique. For example, I guide participation processes with the residents of a particular municipality, but I am also actively involved in designing solar parks and preparing their business case.

“I am always working on different projects in different phases simultaneously. It’s challenging and therefore fun work. It really feels like my own project. I’m involved and really want things to work out.”

What was the moment you decided to do something with renewable energy in your career? “I have been involved in sustainability for a long time, because I am concerned about the future. During my master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management in Munich, I found a job with a developer of renewable energy projects. I liked this because it allowed me to work, in a practical way, to make the world a little bit better. This gives me a lot of satisfaction. I also enjoy the combination of working with policy and more technical aspects such as park design and production calculations.

What was it like to start working at Ventolines after your studies? “It was, let’s say, an interesting period for me. In February 2020, I moved back to Amsterdam after living abroad for about four years. It was wonderful to be back home. At least, until the pandemic started three weeks later. During Corona, it was not easy to find an entry-level position. Many companies and organizations were uncertain about the future. I really wanted to work at Ventolines and fortunately they were also interested in me.

I found the transition from studying to working quite big. I found out fairly quickly that having theoretical knowledge about renewable energy does not mean you understand anything about actually developing, financing and building a project. I was also largely introduced to the job online because all offices were closed during that period. Fortunately, colleagues were  supportive and as a result it all went relatively smoothly.

“Every workday I am actively realizing projects that are good for the climate and that make the Netherlands more independent in its energy supply. It’s important to me to do work that I fully support ideologically.”

You have been working at Ventolines for two years now, are you enjoying yourself? “Yes, for sure! I have a good relationship with my colleagues and the office is pleasant. The projects are challenging and versatile. I am definitely not bored. You get responsibilities at Ventolines relatively quickly. This is something that has to suit you. Of course colleagues are always ready to help you, but by doing it yourself you grow even faster in your role.

Ventolines is still looking for enthousiastic people to join our team!

About Ventolines

Ventolines has been involved in the development, construction and management of a large number of renewable energy projects for many years. Both on land and in the water. Think for example of the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands, Windplan Groen. We also had a leading role in the realization of the world’s largest offshore wind farm in a lake: Windpark Fryslân. We have in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience in every project phase. As a result, we always go for a reliable and high-quality end result. For our client and the other parties involved. 

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