Waddenwind BV reached financial close


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

The realisation of Windpark Oostpolder is getting closer and closer! Waddenwind BV, an organisation set up by farmers in the Oostpolder region, reached financial close on August 12th for the construction of 12 wind turbines. Construction of the wind farm had already started in 2019. Reaching financial close was only delayed due to external economic circumstances. Now the financial close is a fact! The total wind farm consists of 21 wind turbines. The 12 turbines are part of it. The total capacity of the Oostpolder Wind Farm is almost 100 MW and the farm will generate some 350 million kWh annually. This will enable the wind farm to meet the energy needs of up to 100,000 households. Ventolines was very pleased to carry out the technical due diligence for Waddenwind!

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