Cloudberry Announces Cooperation with Ventolines on Stenkalles Grund Project in Sweden’s Lake Vänern


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

Norwegian company Cloudberry Clean Energy ASA (“Cloudberry”) is developing a 100 MW wind project in Sweden’s Lake Vänern. Cloudberry owns, develops and operates hydroelectric plants and wind farms in Norway and Sweden. The Stenkalles Grund Project in Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest inland lake, is a key project for Cloudberry. For this project Cloudberry is working closely together with the Dutch renewable energy service provider Ventolines. Ventolines was asked to develop the technical concept and contracting of this project. The knowledge and experience of Ventolines in the field of development and implementation of Westermeerwind and Windpark Fryslân, which is almost completed, is very relevant for the Stenkalles Grund project. Project specialists from Windpark Fryslân have joined the project team of the Stenkalles Grund Project and will be working on optimizing the plans in the coming days. For more information we refer to the press release of Cloudberry. Click here for the complete press release.

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