Meet Eva de Winkel

Eva de Winkel

Meet Eva de Winkel. Eva started in August 2020 as Renewable Energy Engineer in the Contracting and Construction department of Ventolines. “After my third week, the Ventolines office in Almere closed again due to the Coronavirus. It was really strange to work from home in the beginning and meet many of my new colleagues only at the screen. Fortunately everyone was very welcoming and due to the fast growth of the Ventolines workforce, many of us were in the same boat.”

Eva obtained a Master degree in Sustainable Air Transport (before named Air Transport and Operations) from Delft University of Technology, focusing in her thesis on the relation between the level of cooperation in a team and the quality of aircraft maintenance. “We, as engineers, get sometimes lost in difficult technical solutions to our problems, while often the best solution can be found in our own human behavior”. That is what brought Eva to work for Ventolines. “At Ventolines we are not only focusing on technical solutions, but we guide our clients in creating the most valuable projects. That is why I like working for Ventolines.”

During an internship at the Consulate-General of the Netherlands in New York, Eva got introduced to the world of (offshore) wind energy. “I believe we need to work together in order to combat climate change, not only within the Netherlands, but also internationally, in Europe, with the United States and around the world.” Therefore, Eva joined the Ventolines EU team recently. “ I am very interested in the challenges other European countries face regarding the development and construction of their (lake) wind farms.

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