Financial Advice & Structuring

Specialist financial knowledge is required for all facets of a renewable energy project. Financial advice is needed in the development phase, contracting phase, construction phase and during operation. Ventolines provides this knowledge. We combine financial knowledge with accessibility to our experts in other fields. The advantage of this integrated approach is the predictability of the financial outcome and optimal bankability. Our motto is ‘to govern is to foresee’.

Our finance team consists of all-round financial professionals who are able to take on and solve diverse financial challenges in the renewable energy sector. We support you in financial transactions such as (re)financing, M&A, financial participation by (local) citizens, valuations and due diligence, and carrying out financial analyses.

Our Financial Services

Project Finance

We assist in arranging project finance for your renewable energy project. From analysis and structuring to process management and final contract negotiations. Read here how we executed a number of project finance transactions for Windpark Fryslân, Westermeerwind and ECN.

Acquisition Transactions

We assist buyers and sellers with all aspects of  an acquisition transaction of a renewable energy project. Our specialists will set up a transaction structure and financial model for you. We facilitate the due diligence and guide you until the signing of the purchase agreement and the transfer of the shares or assets. Read here how we found an international buyer for ECN Wind Energy Facilities and Kroningswind.

Development Finance

Developing a sustainable energy project requires upfront investments while the returns come later. We advise on the financial structuring and the equity financing process. This includes raising capital during development and equity at financial close. Another possibility is financial (local) citizen participation. With our inventive and result-oriented approach, we create opportunities and value for you.

Due Diligence

We carry out or supervise a due diligence track and contract review for you. We do this in case of an acquisition  or (project) financing. It is important to us that our clients can make an informed investment decision.

Financial Models & Analysis

If you want to sell a sustainable energy project, it is very important that both you and the potential buyer understand its value. A solid financial model is an important requirement. Not only for you, but also for the confidence that a potential buyer has in your numbers. Your advantage: maximising the value of your renewable energy project. We can set up financial models for you for, for example, the valuation of a project, project financing or a financial analysis of the feasibility of a project. We can assist you with a tender, the subsidy application, a contract negotiation or for the financial management during the operational phase.

How can we help you?

Our financial team works closely with our technical and legal specialists. Because we have a good view of future challenges in the renewable energy sector, we can already translate these into inventive solutions that benefit our customers. With a decisive, integrated approach, we work according to a tailor-made step-by-step plan. At every step we focus on the question and the intended end result. This enables us to deliver a unique total package. In this way we help clients move forward across the entire width of a project.

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