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To the southeast of Apeldoorn, a few agricultural entrepreneurs own plots of land on which they currently grow maize. They would like to realise a solar park on this land, a 100% local initiative. They have requested the assistance of Ventolines for the development of the solar park.

The area of the future solar park is about 13 hectares and is situated on the south-eastern side of Apeldoorn, in the corner of the N345 highway and the A50 highway, west of the Ecofactorij business park. It is expected that this solar park can generate approximately 9500 megawatt hours of electricity annually, which is comparable to the electricity consumption of approximately 3200 households. In addition, the initiators want to design the solar park in consultation with the surrounding area as well as possible with nature.

The area is suitable for a solar park for a number of reasons. The area is large, which means that there is enough space for solar panels and for integrating them into the landscape. Moreover, the solar park can be connected to a nearby electricity network. Also, the area is next to the motorway and a business park, which limits the view of the site for homes. The project is currently in the licensing phase.

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