Bunschoten Solar Farm

Bunschoten Solar Farm

Bunschoten Solar Farm is being developed by Ventolines for our client Begro. Ventolines has mapped the most appropriate areas for solar development and contacted the landowners.

The area has been chosen as it is located at sufficient distance from the town of Bunschoten but not in in an area with wide landscape views. Is is also located outside a Natura 2000 designated area and with relatively minor visibility from the public roads.

Ventolines presented the plans at the ‘Commissie Ruimte’ meeting of bunschoten Council in June 2018 and has discussed the plans officially with the Council in August 2018. Public Consultation will take place on 17 September 2018, after which the planning process will start.

Vetolines manages the land acquisition, development and stakeholder management for Begro.

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