Windplan Groen

Windplan Groen

With 110 wind turbines in planning, Windplan Groen is the largest of four planned wind farm areas in the Flevopolder. Policy has been adopted in the policy plans of the Flevoland Province and the Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewolde Councils (Regional Plan Wind Energy).

Windkoepel Groen (WKG) is the initiator within the ‘Groen’ area for the development of the wind farm and associated decommissioning of existing turbines. The initiator is a group of primarily landowners outside Dronten and Lelystad, along with local owners of existing wind turbines.

WKG has asked Ventolines to advise on the project development stage of the wind farm. As a project of national importance, a number of planning permits needs to be obtained and the process managed.

Allard van der Steege, Ardaan Walvis and Hein Pijnappel are the responsible Ventolines project managers for the wind farm.

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