ECN Wind Energy Facilities

ECN Wind Energy Facilities B.V. (EWEF) is a 100% subsidiary of ECN and develops, constructs and manages test parks of wind turbines. Test parks offer the opportunity to carry out independent research on commercial, operational wind turbines, something that elsewhere is (almost) never allowed by wind farm owners. In addition wind turbine manufacturers (OEMs) can construct uncertified prototype wind turbines at a test park to carry out the required measurements to certify their wind turbine types in accordance with IEC.

Since 2003, EWEF has been managing the EWTW wind farm in the Wieringermeer. EWEF is currently developing the next phase of the EWTW project (EWTW II). The new project is part of the larger “Windplan Wieringermeer” and has been developed in cooperation with Nuon. EWTW I has proven that the combination of commercial research turbines and prototypes is a good one, and EWEF would like to continue that success.

The new project, EWTW II, will ultimately comprise:

  • 8 commercial research turbines
  • 9 locations for wind turbine prototypes
  • 2 21kV-substations to be newly constructed
  • 10kV and 21kV mid voltage cable strands and optic fibre connections to the wind turbines
  • wind measurement masts and electric testing facilities near the wind turbines
  • a new research pavilion (offices)
  • a new research and development program for the commercial research turbines

EWEF has hired Ventolines for the coordination of the contracting of the wind turbines, the financing of EWTW II, the site, HSE and contract management and for substantial support in the field of electric works, turbines and the business case.

In July 2018 Financial Close has been reached which means that the wind farm will certainly be constructed. Construction works have already started and the wind farm is expected to be fully operational in the Summer of 2019.