Floating solar farms on water basins


About this project

Location: Berenplaat – Spijkenisse

Ventolines is acting as a consultant for Evides, providing support in the tender process for the development of a pilot water basin project for the drinking water company. The current status of the project is that the tender was successfully awarded to Ventolines.

Ventolines’ involvement includes providing development support and assistance in setting up the pilot project, with specific focus on assessing the impact of floating solar (FS) on water quality. This includes several tasks related to the procurement process and evaluation:

  1. Drafting the procurement criteria.
    2. Technical evaluation support and negotiations.
    3. Legal aspects

By providing comprehensive support in these areas, Ventolines aims to facilitate the smooth and successful implementation of the pilot project, allowing Evides to explore the potential of the reservoir for renewable energy generation while ensuring water quality.

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