Moving forward with renewable energy

Ventolines has a clear mission: we strive for a world in which renewable energy projects are valuable for everyone. Whether it concerns cooperatives, community associations, investors, farmers, energy suppliers, governments or consumers. In our world, renewable energy moves everyone forward. To achieve this, we develop, build and manage renewable energy projects.

During each phase of the project, we feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. We guide our clients by designing a clear route to the desired end result, while keeping the interests and wishes of all those involved at heart. Standing by our clients throughout the process, we offer solutions for the challenges that arise. What matters the most to us, is achieving a successful result together.





We strive for a world in which renewable energy supplies are valuable for everyone.


We are convinced that the renewable energy transition offers opportunities for everyone. That is why we help our clients develop, build and manage their projects succesfully, while keeping in mind the interests and wishes of every party involved. 

Core values


We always persevere and never give up. We are full of energy, persuasion and fighting spirit to realize projects in the best possible way.


We have all the knowledge and experience in-house and take responsibility at every stage. In this way we guarantee a reliable end result of high quality.


We care about each other and our environment. We help each other and work together in a way that takes us all further.


We are smart, resourceful and handy. We dare to think differently if necessary. We always come up with a suitable solution that works for everyone.


We are honest and transparent, to ourselves and to others. This makes us a reliable and sympathetic player on the market.


We are enthusiastic and want to be among the top. That is why we strive for improvement and we continuously challenge and develop ourselves.

Our history

For many years, Ventolines has been involved in the development, construction and management of onshore and offshore renewable energy projects. Think, for example, of Wind Farm the Drentse Monden and Oostermoer. Or the largest Dutch onshore wind project, Windplan Groen. We were also responsible for the development, implementation and management of Windpark Westermeerwind and the world’s largest wind farm in a lake, Windpark Fryslân.

While the Ventolines team now consists of more than 100 experts, it all started with the passionate siblings Anne and Jelma de Groot. They grew up in the Noordoostpolder, where they were introduced to renewable energy when their father was one of the first to install a wind turbine on his arable farm in 1995.

Anne got a taste for renewable energy and set up a wind farm in Delfzijl together with his father and several other partners. After studying Agricultural Engineering in Wageningen, he returned to the Noordoostpolder with his ideas and plans. After graduating high school, Jelma attended Henley Business School and embarked on an international career as a marketing professional. When she returned to the Netherlands after a few years, brother and sister joined forces and founded Ventolines in 2007.

After the successful realization of Windpark Westermeerwind and the development of Windpark Fryslân, Jelma and Anne decided it was time to apply their knowledge and experience in wind projects to the solar energy sector. Over the years, Ventolines has developed significantly in other fields and forms of renewable energy. In addition to wind and solar energy, Ventolines has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of energy storage and system integration, for example.

With a team of more than 100 employees, Ventolines is an active player in the world of renewable energy projects. We have guided clients during the development, construction and management of many noteworthy projects. Working with our own engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business experts and financial specialists enables us to support clients across the entire scope of a project.

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