Offshore wind

Offshore wind farms are significantly different from onshore wind farms. Working in the water environment requires a different project management approach, a different risk analysis and higher demands in terms of Health, Safety and the Environment. Our team has extensive experience with offshore wind farms globally. Our knowledge base has been extended by developing, constructing and operating the Westermeerwind Wind Farm and by project managing Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the USA. We are expanding our experience and knowledge base through the development or Windpark Fryslân. Ventolines offers its services to clients in the offshore wind energy industry, stretching from development through to the operational stage.


The development of offshore wind farms requires extensive knowledge and experience in the field of permit and stakeholder management. It is also important to successfully complete wind studies, wind measurement campaigns, grid connection processes and wind farm layouts. Through Westermeerwind and Windpark Fryslân, Ventolines has acquired the skills and experience to actively manage the interaction between all project phases and activities.

Contracting and financing

A wind project often involves dozens of contracts to arrange things properly. Think about, for example, agreements between lenders and borrowers, agreements with various contractors, designers and managers, a Power Purchase Agreement, building permits and grid connection contracts. Ventolines can advise you on the contract strategy and negotiate optimal contracts for your projects, not only pre-construction, but also during the construction and operational phases. Ventolines also advises its clients on financing, equity and public participation structures and can clearly identify the participation options. The Ventolines team has its own financial, contracting and technical experts that can provide complementary advice about financial questions.


Ventolines provided overall management for the Westermeerwind Wind farm. Activities included inspections, project management, site management and contract management.

Asset management

Ventolines has an experienced asset management organization with significant knowledge about wind turbines, service providers and contracts. Our team carries out technical inspections of the wind turbines, and assesses the technical status and quality of maintenance. In addition, Ventolines uses an advanced wind farm management and monitoring system. Through ongoing and effective turbine performance monitoring, and proactive project and quality management, Ventolines ensures optimal performance of your wind farm. In addition to technical management, Ventolines can also take care of the commercial (contract management) and financial management of your wind farm.

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