Annelot Broerze is pursuing her master’s degree in Applied Physics at TU Delft. Renewable energy is one of her topics of interest. Because of the broad background of her studies, she consciously chose an internship in a company in the energy sector. Annelot wanted to discover what the structure within such a company is like and what role she could play in it.

Was there a specific reason for you to do an internship at Ventolines?

“Yes, it was a conscious choice. I have a technical background, but I want to work on something broader than the technical perspective. I like the idea of building a bridge between engineering and society. That is what characterizes Ventolines since they do not only possess technical knowledge but also commercial, legal and political expertise.”

What was your first impression?

“Right when I came in, I met people working on different solutions (wind, solar, and battery storage). I enjoyed learning more about that. Every week at the team meeting, I heard updates on all projects. I could also easily find my way to people with specific knowledge and ask them any questions I had. It was nice to contribute to a way of working that evaluates technical innovations against real-world demand. It was also valuable to discuss these topics with colleagues and centralize knowledge.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your internship assignment?

“My assignment focused on solar energy and broadening the knowledge in this field. Ventolines was keen to develop new knowledge and bundle available expertise to more efficiently evaluate and optimize solar farm designs for technical, political, and economic requirements. The aim was to find a methodology and the tools to critically examine whether a project design meets the set requirements and how it can be optimized.”

Which results has the internship concretely produced?

“I am happy to receive acknowledgement from my colleagues that the results of my assignment will contribute to the efficiency of developing future projects. It is clearly visible that things really get off the ground through Ventolines’ work. The ideas are not only well thought through, but also actually being implemented. That realization has come closer for me. I do not rule out eventually seeking my future employment in this sector.” To put my gained knowledge about solar energy directly into practice and learn more about all facets of renewable energy project development, I will be working part-time at Ventolines during my graduation year at the university. It is great fun to stay involved with Ventolines, the projects and colleagues to make an even larger impact!”

How do you reflect on your internship?

“I have discovered that I find the consulting side important in my work, not just pure engineering. The reason is that I find the social aspects especially important. My studies are quite theoretical, and things are just much more practical within a company. The internship has well fulfilled my ambition to make a positive impact on society.”

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