Ventolines is an experienced and ambitious service provider

Our professionals provide solutions to your challenges and increase the pace of renewable energy projects throughout each project stage

Our story

Anne and Jelma de Groot grew up at an agricultural farm in the Noordoostpolder, and were surrounded by wind energy from a young age.


Our specialists

Anne de Groot

Owner of Ventolines and all-round renewable energy specialist

I am driven by extraordinary projects, such as the Westermeerwind project. The realization of Westermeerwind Wind Farm is our crowning achievement. There are plenty of challenges in the renewable energy industry, which motivate and encourage me to take projects to another level. To me, the process is just as important as the result. To be able to do this with a team of ambitious renewable energy specialists gives me energy and inspiration every day.

Allard van der Steege

Development Director

In 2014, after 20 years in the wind energy industry, I joined Ventolines as Development Director. Several hurdles need to be taken during the development phase of a project. Success is only certain once the final hurdle has been taken. After 20 years developing renewable energy projects, the work is still fascinating. Helping projects reach the finish line is an incredible feeling!

Henk Jan Braggaar

Finance Director

Having worked as a lawyer and a banker, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to support entrepreneurs. In 2012, I started at Ventolines, established by real entrepreneurs. I am responsible for the financial side of renewable energy projects. It is satisfying and positively challenging to work with project owners, entrepreneurs who show courage and initiative. Advisors help their owners’ projects and businesses, and working together they are the ultimate driving force. This process triggers and motivates me every day.

Bart Ummels

Project Manager

For me, Ventolines is the company when you want to work on large Dutch renewable energy projects. It is an inspiring environment of professionals, I have freedom and responsibility in my job and I work with great colleagues. As a technical project manager, I help clients take their plan from vision to reality. I always keep in mind: the technical design determines the possibilities, but the possibilities also determine the technical design.

Tonny Kroes

Asset manager

I know how a service provider thinks and speak their language. This helps me represent the interests of owners more effectively. As an asset manager at Ventolines, I am closely involved in the development and construction phases of a project. This enables me to optimize a project during the early stages.

Ries Velema

Project manager

Managing a project is not only managing the technical process, but also managing the surrounding area. As such, I am not a contract manager, but a contact manager. I deal with many different stakeholders, such as authorities, contractors and local residents. The only way to be successful is by identifying yourself with their position. Ventolines offers me an excellent knowledge base and expertise throughout all project phases.