Distribution System Groen

About this project

Closed Distribution System Groen (in Dutch: Gesloten Distributiesysteem Groen – GDG) is the closed distribution system used to connect wind farms of Windplan Groen to the high-voltage grid. In addition to wind farms, a solar farm is also connected, all of which eventually supply electricity to the public grid through a single connection of 2 cable circuits of the GDG.

Windplan Groen is a joint initiative of 11 wind farms in the Province of Flevoland and consists of a total of 86 wind turbines. For Windplan Groen as a whole, the grid operator made only one connection available. This posed a challenge during the development of the wind farms, as the produced electricity had to be bundled before the grid connection. A closed distribution system (CDS) offers a solution in such a case. A CDS is a privately owned electricity grid that falls within a geographically defined area, contains a maximum of 500 connections and has no households connected.

Ventolines supervised the development and realization of this CDS. This included development and engineering, legal structuring and contracting, financing, technical contracting and construction supervision. In addition, Ventolines was integral advisor to Windkoepel Groen and the wind farms in areas including permits, SDE subsidy, yield calculations, contracting of the wind turbines, electrical and civil works, project management and ultimately the construction itself.

The scale of the CDS realized here is unique for the sector. The successful commissioning of the Closed Distribution System Groen is an important milestone for everyone involved in the development of Windplan Groen. Ventolines is proud to have led the successful realisation of this project.

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