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Located close to the Westermeerdijk, where Noordoostpolder wind farms are connected to the TenneT high-voltage substation, a large-scale battery park of approximately 250 MW is being developed on 4 hectares. This location is becoming an energy landscape where sustainable energy production, energy storage, and transportation facilities converge.

When it’s windy and sunny, there are times when more electricity is generated than the power grid can handle. At that moment, a battery can store the surplus electricity. Later, when demand increases and prices are favorable, the battery can discharge it. This way, sustainably produced electricity doesn’t have to be wasted.

Another possible application for a battery is to balance the energy grid. Grid operators are obligated to ensure that the frequency on the grid remains at 50 hertz. If it starts to drop, they need to add power, and if it increases, they need to reduce power. Traditionally, gas-fired power plants have handled this balancing task by ramping power up or down, but batteries can take over this role, and they do so without producing CO2 emissions.

Ventolines is responsible for the development of this battery park and all related aspects, including the permitting process, stakeholder management, contracting and construction. The project is divided into three parts: two parts which will be connected behind the grid connections of the Westermeerwind and NOP Agrowind wind farms and one ‘stand alone’ part of Begro Energy Projects. The latter is connected directly to the TenneT station. It is expected that this battery park will become operational around mid-2025.

250 MW

the Netherlands

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