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On the southern shore of the Hoeksche Waard, an initiative is being developed to create a floating solar park in the Haringvliet. Floating solar energy generation systems are a growing source of renewable energy that are making a significant contribution to the energy transition. The advantage of this type of solar park is that it does not use land that might also be needed for agricultural and/or another purpose. Floating solar systems consist of a floating structure topped with PV panels (photovoltaic panel) to convert solar energy into electricity.

The project site concerns a 31.2-hectare plot in open water along the bank in front of Westerse Polder wind farm on the west side of the Haringvliet bridge (A29). The water is a flowing river where shipping passes, a natura 2000 area and privately owned. The area used to be a sand excavation. During the field visits, few aquatic plants were found in the plan area. There is a beach on the east side that is used by recreational users.

The Haringvliet area is classified under water category 3: large rivers. The optimal design of the solar park is currently under consideration. This depends on various matters such as ecological integration, financial feasibility and policy requirements. Each water and location has different characteristics. Based on these properties, it will be determined which technology fits best.

The initiator Begro Energy Projects has received an agreement in principle for this project from the Hoeksche Waard municipality and will sign a Letter of Intent by the end of 2023. With this, the Municipal Executive gives its cooperation in the planning procedures to further develop and realise this floating solar park. The next steps are to specify the permit procedure, participation procedure, grid connection and selecting a construction technique.

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