The Rhino


About this project

In November, the energy storage company GIGA Storage put the most powerful battery in the Netherlands – the GIGA Rhino battery – into service. The Rhino battery, with a capacity of 12 MW, is the most powerful battery project in the Netherlands. The amount of energy stored in the Rhino Battery on an annual basis is comparable to the total electricity consumption of approximately 5,000 households per year. The Rhino stands near Lelystad, near the Rhinoceros Wind Farm, from which it takes its name.

If there is a strong wind and a nearby wind farm cannot dispose of its power on the grid, or only at a negative price, then that power can now be stored on the battery. Another possible application of the battery is to ‘balance’ the energy grid. Grid operators are obliged to ensure that the frequency on the grid always remains 50 hertz. As soon as the frequency threatens to drop, power must be added, as soon as the frequency threatens to rise, power must be cut. Up to now it has mainly been gas-fired power stations that provide gas if necessary, but batteries can take over this task, and also CO2-free.

Ventolines was responsible for the contract management of the battery. We are proud of the contribution we have been able to make!


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