Wind farm


About this project

Windpark Hartel2 is an 8 x 3 MW Alstom wind farm in the Botlek area of Rotterdam. The turbines produce an average of 58 million kilowatt hours per year, which is good for the power supply of 16,570 households.

The construction of this wind farm was very complex because of the extensive infrastructural network that had to be taken into account, such as a fairway, railroad, freeway, bicycle path, gas station, underground oil pipeline, berth for ships and jetties from surrounding companies, etc.

Ventolines was project and environmental manager of this wind plan and responsible for the construction supervision. Ries Velema, senior project manager at Ventolines: “The task of managing all this with, among others, the competent authority, local residents, contractors, participants and within the set deadline and budget, was a nice challenge for me”.



the Netherlands

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