Ventolines asset management officially ISO 55001 certified


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

The Ventolines asset management department is officially ISO55001 certified. On 15th of November the certificate was formally handed over by the managing director Dave Hagenaars of BSI Group the Netherlands B.V to the head of asset management Tonny Kroes. The certification process took more than a year and was successfully completed thanks to the dedication of the asset management team. ISO 55001 is an international quality standard specifically aimed at asset management. Ventolines currently carries out the asset management of various wind farms within the Netherlands with a total capacity of 1GW. The certification is another step in ensuring we provide the best services to our customers. Our Asset Management System is designed to ensure consistency of good practice, taking advantage of our substantial experience in the renewable energy market and providing the right platform for expansion of our services internationally.

Ventolines employees receiving ISO Certificaticate
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