About this project

NYSERDA (The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) is working to advance the responsible and cost-effective development of at least 9,000 MW of offshore wind energy by 2035, a key part of New York State’s ambitious clean energy transition.

Offshore wind (OSW) is a cornerstone of New York’s ambitious and comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation, which requires that at least 70% of New York’s electricity is generated from renewable sources by 2030 and commits to 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040.

Building on the success of the offshore wind Master Plan, the new Master Plan 2.0 seeks to unlock the next frontier of offshore wind development and advance the cost-effective and responsible development of OSW into Deep Water.

The role of Ventolines
The Ventolines team has played a pivotal role in supporting NYSERDA offshore wind development initiatives through comprehensive technical and economic analysis. Our expertise has facilitated the thorough evaluation of New York State OSW projects, as well as provided assessments of various development and policy approaches, identification of potential risks, and essential recommendations to enhance project outcomes.

Our contributions include:

  • Risk Analysis: Methodically analyzing and flagging potential risks associated with project plans and technologies.
  • Strategic Queries: Developing clarifying questions for offshore wind developers that help NYSERDA to understand technical aspects of project interconnection and supply chain plans.
  • Evaluative Reporting: Delivering detailed evaluation reports that serve as critical inputs for decision-makers.
  • Master Plan work: Provide market intelligence, thought leadership and best practice sharing.

“My sincere thanks to the Ventolines team for their insights during this process, and willingness to step up and present their findings. They really went above and beyond… We are also very proud of the work we’ve achieved together, and hope there are more opportunities to engage your team as well.”

Laila El-Ashmawy, Project Manager Offshore Wind with NYSERDA



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