Wind farm


About this project

Van Werven Energie started the development of the Hattemerbroek wind farm in 1999. The development phase resulted in a wind plan of four wind turbines in the municipality of Oldebroek along the N50 near the Hattemerbroek junction. After the contracting and financing phase, the wind farm has now entered the construction phase. In December 2020, the foundations of the last turbine were laid. In January 2021 a small landfill has to take place, after that the concrete work for the wind farm will be ready. At the beginning of spring the turbines will be supplied and built. In total that part of the project will take about four to five weeks.

Ventolines was responsible for both the contracting and financing phase. Ventolines also carries out the civil and electrical part and is responsible for part of the construction of the wind farm.

For more information: www.windmolenparkhattemerbroek.nl

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