Aart van der Pal appointed as General Manager of Ventolines


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

We are pleased to announce that as of September 14 2020, Aart van der Pal will join the management team of Ventolines as General Manager. Aart has been working in the (sustainable) energy sector for quite some time now. After having worked for Philips for about 20 years, Aart started in 2010 as R&D manager Wind Energy at Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) in Petten. Subsequently, Aart became Director of the Wind Energy Business Unit in 2012, after which he was appointed as COO and member of the ECN Management Board in 2017. Last year Aart worked as interim Director fossil-free at Vattenfall.

Aart is appointed for a period of 1.5 years. During this period he will prepare Ventolines for the next phase. In addition to leading the day-to-day management, he will further develop the business strategy and focus on structuring and further professionalizing the organization.

With a staff of almost one hundred experts now, Ventolines is a significant player in renewable energy. In the past years, we have been involved in a lead role in a large number of sustainable energy projects, with national or even European allure, in the phase of realization or operation. By taking decisive action, being skilled and inventive, continuously challenging ourselves and always looking ahead. We now provide services in all phases of wind, solar and storage projects: in the areas of development, contracting, legal matters, system integration, construction and asset management. In addition we provide advice on Power Purchase Agreements and the electricity market in general, stakeholder management, as well as investment, divestment and financing transactions. We see the appointment of Aart as an important step to keep being successful in fulfilling the vital role we now play in the sustainable energy sector and to pursue further developments with Ventolines in the coming years.

Anne de Groot, as one of the owners, will of course continue to be closely involved in Ventolines and projects such as Windpark Fryslân and Windpark Westermeerwind, of which he is Project Director. In addition, he will focus (even) more on developing and attracting new projects and propositions for Ventolines.

We are looking forward to his arrival!

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