An indepedent HSSE coordinator is key to guard your project goals


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

HSSE management is key to achieving a successful wind project. How does Ventolines approach HSSE management for its customers in the construction phase of a multi-contracted wind farm with numerous interfaces?

Why is HSSE management important at construction sites?

As a project owner, there is no doubt that you aim to provide a healthy, safe and secure workplace for all people involved and to protect the environment with all means. Proper HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental) management is therefore key in order to achieve those goals. Although not always being the first thing that pops op in your mind when initiating the development of a wind project, improper HSSE management can lead to serious incidents, significant project delay and ultimately severe reputation damages. So how do you make sure that none of this will happen in your project? Especially when you have no turn-key contractor at the site and you as owner are in control off the interfaces.

HSSE coordination at your wind project

Ultimately, every contractor at site is responsible for HSSE management of their own works. In non-turn-key wind projects multiple contractor’s will be working on the construction site at the same time. To manage conflicts between these different contractors, most construction projects have contractually appointed one contractor as the main HSSE coordinator, often being the wind turbine supplier. This HSSE coordinator will be the main contact person for managing work permits, risk assessments and managing conflicts between works of different contractors.

Appointing the wind turbine supplier seems to be beneficial as they can be held liable at the site for all possible incidents. Nevertheless this likely advantage comes with some serious disadvantages:

  • HSSE coordination of the wind turbines supplier at site comes with interface management as main driver and cannot be seen independently.
  • The wind turbine supplier could give room for its own works and neglects the other contractors. This could result in a claim from e.g. the balance of plant contractors at site in extra time and costs.
  • HSSE coordinators of the wind turbines supplier could fear claims when correcting other contractors.
  • Also they are responsible for their own HSSE performance.

Ventolines has created a streamlined HSSE process for coordinating the different contractors at your construction site, therefore maximizing progress as well as minimizing Health, Safety, Security and Environmental risks.

How do we see the role as independent HSSE coordinator for the owners?

Naturally, before any contractor is allowed to work at the construction sites, all personnel should have a Project Introduction and all Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) should be in place. When the contractors will start their works, the HSSE coordinator(s) will start to monitor and control these works using the following process:

  • The contractors are obliged to fill-out a Work Notification a week before performing the works, stating what works they aim to perform, where at the construction site and at what moments in time.
  • The HSSE coordinators assemble all these Work Notifications and identify if any potential conflicts arise between different contractors.
  • During a weekly Simultaneous Operations (SimOps) meeting with a representative per contractor, these potential conflicts will be discussed between the different contractors. This can lead to the following:
    • Through discussions, the contractors find out that with some additional measures it is safe to work simultaneously at a location.
    • If that is not the case, the contractors can discuss whether they can shift their planning in order to avoid any conflicts.
    • If that is also not possible, the independent HSSE coordinator will decide which works to postpone, favoring the works that are of the highest importance for the project as a whole.
  • The minutes of this meeting are provided to all contractors on the construction site, including any additional measures and rules, in order to make sure that all contractors at the construction site are informed.
  • During the execution of the works, independent HSSE inspectors will check whether the contractor’s are adhering to the rules and agreements. For this, Ventolines has developed an app called “Gemba”, which enables all project members and contractors to report HSSE observations easily. This makes it possible to take proper action within a short notice.
  • In addition we are using our online inspection app “Genus” to record findings of planned inspections and ensure a proper close out of actions. Both systems (“Gemba” and “Genus”) provide us input for our frequent trend analysis which will enables us to identify specific attention areas or other improvements that can be made on the project.


Having an indepedent HSSE coordinator at your project is key to guard your project goals, maximizing efficency, while reducing health and safety risks to an acceptable level. Our way of working as an indepedent HSSE coordinator has provided the following proven benefits:

  • Identification of potential construction clashes in an early stage to design a way of working that adheres to all planning milestones and minize HSSE interface between contractors.
  • Risks analyzed between contractors using the SimOps tools, due to a HSSE minded planning process. This results in a safe, effective and ultimately time saving execution. 
  • Enhancement of the best for project choices reducing risks of extra costs and time due to controlled execution and mandate as HSSE coordinator for performing the works.
  • wide knowledge throught all personnel working on the project about planned activities, which facilitates effective execution during the construction phase. Smooth and controlled execution of the works have a direct and positive effect on HSSE.

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