GIS makes project development more effective


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

Wind and solar energy projects involve processing a lot of information. For instance about turbine positions, grid connections, solar farm layouts and zoning plans. GIS (for Geographic Information Systems) makes this information clear at a glance. GIS systems enable Ventolines to quickly switch between various tasks within projects. Obstacles are identified at the start of a project and, based on this, Ventolines can advise the client on whether a wind turbine should be relocated and on the effects of small and large-scale relocations. GIS makes projects effective because clients are presented with clear information.

The use of GIS is also important in solar energy projects. Clients from all over the Netherlands ask Ventolines questions – for instance whether their sites are attractive for solar energy. With GIS Ventolines can quickly evaluate and calculate an overview as well as various scenarios for the client. Maps give a clear overview of the possibilities.

These maps can easily be adapted to clients’ requirements, to provide an overview of a project, a clear route description or data analysis. Using GIS together with its own plugins and methods, Ventolines can deliver high-quality material to clients, in a short period of time.


Daan Houf, wind energy developer

Hendrik Kinderman, wind and solar energy developer

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