Is an independent HSE manager essential to your project goals?


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An HSE coordinator coordinates the activities simultaneously executed by contractors on your project. The coordinator is also referred to as the HSE manager or safety coordinator. An essential aspect of this type of work is independence. A person who focuses on the project’s interest can optimally coordinate the work of different parties.

HSE coordination at your wind project

Each contractor on site is responsible for the HSE management of its work. However, there is an increasing number of multi-contracting wind projects where several contractors work simultaneously on-site. The project owner appoints an HSE coordinator to avoid conflicts between different contractors and safeguard the project’s interest. This person manages work permits and risk assessments and ensures that various contractors’ activities do not conflict.

Working more efficiently

Our HSE coordinators and inspectors perform the tasks with our smart, automated systems. Experience shows that our systems save considerable time in administrative work, leaving more time for physical supervision and coordination on the construction site.

  • During the activities’ execution, independent HSE inspectors check whether the contractors comply with the rules and agreements. Ventolines has developed an observation app called “Gemba” for this purpose. In it, all project members and contractors can easily report HSE observations. This makes it possible to take appropriate action(s) on short notice.
  • We also use our online inspection app “Genus” to record planned inspection observations and ensure proper action. Both systems (“Gemba” and “Genus”) provide input for frequent trend analysis which allows us to identify specific areas of concern or other improvements within the project

What can we do for you?

An independent HSE coordinator on your wind project is essential for maximizing efficiency while reducing health and safety risks to an acceptable level. This way, we monitor your project goals in the best possible way.

Our approach as an independent HSE coordinator provides the following benefits:

  • Identification of potential construction conflicts at an early stage to create an approach that adheres to all planning milestones and minimizes HSE interface risks between contractors.
  • The analysis of risks between contractors’ activities with the SIMOPS tools is done in-depth as part of a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) planning process.This leads to a safe,
    efficient, and time-saving execution.
  • Project choices are improved by reducing risks of extra costs through controlled work and the HSE coordinator’s mandate for overseeing project execution.
  • Comprehensive knowledge among all staff members on the project, facilitating effective execution during the construction phase. The smooth and controlled execution of activities
    has a direct and positive impact on HSE.
  • Taking on your responsibility and following laws and regulations sets a good example for all involved parties, leading them to prioritize health and safety during work.

The HSE coordinator improves construction efficiency by coordinating and monitoring work activities, reducing incidents, improving communication and prioritizing the project’s interests. Faster results are achieved through efficient work.

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