Meet Ventolines at the WindEurope 2023 event in Copenhagen


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

With more than 490 exhibitors, 10,000+ participants, and over 250 speakers, WindEurope 2023 promises to be the most significant edition yet. Naturally, Ventolines will join the event in Copenhagen. Because moving renewable energy forward means meeting each other, discussing innovations, sharing knowledge, and exchanging experiences.

As we are busy preparing ourselves, we would like to invite you to stop by our booth (C1-B21). We gladly share how Ventolines developed its organization in the past year and inform you about the progress of our customer projects. Two examples include the integration of a closed distribution system and nearshoring.

Expanding knowledge
In the Netherlands, we see more and more integrated projects emerging, for example, a combination of a solar farm and wind farm, sometimes including batteries. Combining these technologies creates an additional level of complexity, each with a unique set of challenges.

One of these challenges is the intensively used electricity grid in our densely populated country. This is partly due to the rising electricity demand but also because more and more providers are supplying the grid. In the lead-up to new projects, grid operators ask us to help establish solutions to deliver energy gradually or to help balance the grid.

Closed distribution system
Windplan Groen required the development of a suitable grid connection within the project so that individual wind farms could cluster their energy supply. As a project consultant, Ventolines coordinated the cooperation between all parties to create a closed distribution system (CDS). In March 2023, “Closed Distribution System Groen” was officially opened.

Specific challenges when integrating a CDS are the technical modifications (such as the transformer station) and the extra steps required in financial, fiscal, legal, and legal contracting.

Offshore wind farms are vast and complex. Yet, we have already accumulated much experience in the industry. Relatively new is nearshoring, which implies building wind farms in lakes. That demand will grow. Ventolines concerns itself with the practical challenges of near-shoring in addition to the familiar challenges that every renewable energy project faces. The key question is always: “How will we be able to ensure safe, socially acceptable, yet at the same time realize profitable projects?”

Systems integration
Integrating various technologies may not be urgent today for regions outside densely populated areas. However, meeting global climate goals and the growing energy demand increases the urgency to integrate systems all over the world. Preparing for this in your project now will save time, money, and effort to meet legal requirements again in a few years.

That is why we wish to be ahead of the curve at Ventolines. We meet today’s demands, but we also want to be able to face future challenges.

Please visit us at WindEurope 2023 to discuss these topics. You can find us at stand C1-B21. From project development to construction and from asset management to operations, we are happy to share our knowledge and look forward to hearing your stories and questions.

Would you like to make an appointment in advance for Tuesday, April 25, Wednesday, April 26, or Thursday, April 27, 2023? You can. Please use the contact form below or send an e-mail to to request a personal meeting with one of our specialists. We look forward to meeting you!

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