New agreement makes sharing grid connection for wind, solar and storage legally possible


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

In our work, we experience the challenges posed by grid congestion firsthand. We therefore also see the need for cable pooling, where renewable energy projects share a single connection. This is why we are proud of the Cable Pooling Agreement (CPA) we published today, in collaboration with Invest-NL and Energy Storage NL. This agreement provides initiators of renewable energy projects with the necessary legal tools to work with a single connection for wind, solar and storage.


Invest-NL, Ventolines and Energy Storage NL published a new Cable Pooling Agreement (CPA) with energy storage today. This agreement gives initiators of renewable energy projects the necessary legal tools to work with a single connection for wind, solar and storage. Sharing grid connections is necessary for the energy transition because the electricity grid is becoming full. According to the parties mentioned above, the agreement is an important instrument in this respect.

The Cable Pooling Agreement (CPA)

The CPO contains provisions for sharing a single connection for wind, solar and storage projects.  The agreement covers all the necessary conditions that need to be addressed. For example, the agreement contains stipulations on project realization, fees, the relationship with the grid operator, metering, program responsibility, control of installations, financing and liability.

Ventolines was asked by Invest-NL to write the CPA with energy storage. Rens Savenije, Business Lead System Integration at Ventolines: “Ventolines assists clients with the development, construction and management of renewable energy projects. In our work we see and experience the social need and the technical feasibility of cable pooling. But then the initiators have to be able to actually use it. To this end, we already made an agreement last year for the sharing of a single grid connection for wind and solar farms. Energy storage was still missing from this agreement. In the CPA published today, energy storage has been added.”

Working towards a more efficient use of the grid

As a commissioning party Invest-NL was closely involved in the development of the CPA with storage. Diederik Apotheker, Senior Business Development Manager at Invest-NL: “We see that solar and wind producers are eager to get started with energy storage but still have many questions about how to do this. Invest-NL sees it as her responsibility to help entrepreneurs with this. With this agreement we now provide the necessary tools to do this through one connection.”

Energy Storage NL, the association for the Dutch energy storage sector, is pleased with the new agreement. Jeroen Neefs, branch manager Energy Storage NL: “We see that the Dutch electricity grid is becoming increasingly full. We must therefore work towards a more efficient use of the grid. This cannot be done without the use of energy storage. We sincerely hope that this agreement will ensure that storage technology is deployed even more in the Netherlands.”

Elisabetta Aarts, Chief Legal Officer at Ventolines: “It is important to clarify that the legal framework for cable pooling can also be applied to storage. The Electricity Act 1998 now only mentions the possibility for wind and/or solar farms. Storage seems to have been overlooked.”


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