Successful opening of Ventolines office


Windturbines op zee gecombineerd met floating solar

The opening of the new Ventolines office was celebrated on Wednesday 12 September. With over 200 visitors attending, it was a busy afternoon and can justifiably be called a success. Guests included a mixture of clients, representatives of government and municipalities, colleagues, former colleagues and partners, representing a fine cross-section of the extensive Ventolines network.


The guests were welcomed with a snack and a drink on the 26th floor of the WTC in Almere, one floor above the new office on the 25th floor. The 26th floor was fully equipped to facilitate both the opening and the subsequent NWEA (Netherlands Wind Energy Association) ‘R meeting’.

Owners Jelma and Anne de Groot opened the event with an inspired speech to the invited guests. The past, present and future were discussed. Soon, it was the Mr Jop Fackeldey’s turn, Deputy for the Province of Flevoland, to talk about current challenges in the renewable energy industry. With a joint push on the button by Mr Fackeldey and Jelma and Anne de Groot, fireworks (on-screen) were then set off. It was a festive moment.

The office

After the ceremony, Ventolines staff gave guided tours of the new office, designed with emphases on sustainable materials and flexible workplaces (to promote integrated work and knowledge-sharing). Feedback from the guests was extremely positive.

The move

The rapidly-growing renewable energy market and the knowledge and experience of Ventolines have combined to drive ongoing, significant expansion of its portfolio of services to clients with wind and solar energy projects. The move to the new office was therefore made with a view to optimizing our service and fulfilling the needs of clients, staff and prospective employees.

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