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About this project

Solar Park Woudhuizermark covers an area of about 13 hectares and is located on the southeast side of Apeldoorn, in between the N345 motorway and the A50 motorway, west of the Ecofactorij business park. Once operational, this solar park is expected to generate around 9,500 megawatt hours of electricity annually, comparable to the electricity consumption of around 3,200 households.

The solar park was originally an initiative of two agricultural entrepreneurs in the Apeldoorn area. On the agricultural land, they wanted to realise a solar park in collaboration with the environment. To develop the solar park, they enlisted the help of Ventolines.

In recent years, however, the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have significantly changed the feasibility of solar park projects.  The prices for materials and labour, interest and power prices all rose sharply, and the further development and realisation of the solar park in-house became very uncertain.  Eventually, the initiators decided to sell this solar park and are now very happy with the sale to Enovos Green Power Netherlands.

Thanks to its integral way of working, with all the necessary expertise in-house, Ventolines was able to effectively guide the initiators through the various project phases and market developments, including the sale transaction.

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