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Nij Hiddum-Houw

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Windpark Nij Hiddum-Houw is located at the head of the afsluitdijk and is described as one of the best wind locations in the Netherlands. Windpark Nij Hiddum-Houw will soon consist of 9 windmills that will replace the sixteen windmills that are now there. The green electricity from the wind turbines will soon be available for people and businesses, but the production corresponds to the amount of electricity that 46,000 households consume annually.

The wind farm will be developed jointly. Vattenfall will own four of the nine wind turbines. Gooyum Houw BV, a partnership of 45 private individuals and companies from the surrounding area, will own the remaining five. The intention is that the surrounding area will be able to participate in approximately 25% of the project. The initiators will shape the possibilities for participation together with the Environmental Advisory Board (OAR). This council represents and appoints the various interests from the surrounding area.

The first construction work has already started in December 2020. These mainly consist of the construction of crane stands, construction roads and paths. After that, we will start with the construction works for the foundations and constructions of the windmills. Subsequently, the grid connection will be constructed. We expect to be able to generate the first green electricity in the second half of 2022.

Ventolines is project manager of the wind project and was responsible for the engineering and contracting of the park roads, crane stands, electrical works, wind turbines and foundations. Ventolines is also responsible for the construction supervision.

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