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Wind farm Westermeerwind has been constructed in the IJsselmeer along the dikes of the Noordoostpolder. It is the largest nearshore wind farm in our country to date and consists of 48 3 MW wind turbines – divided into two rows along the Westermeerdijk and one along the Noordermeerdijk – and a transformer station on land. The wind farm generates wind energy for 160,000 households, among others. Westermeerwind is part of the Noordoostpolder wind farm with 86 wind turbines in the water and on land, along the dikes of the IJsselmeer (

Westermeerwind B.V. has outsourced the construction supervision and the exploitation of Windpark Westermeerwind to Ventolines. In addition Ventolines provides the asset management of the wind farm.

Siemens is the main contractor that built the Westermeerwind wind farm. Siemens will maintain the wind farm for at least fifteen years. Several Dutch companies were involved in the project as subcontractors, including Van Oord and Mammoet for the foundation and installation of the wind turbines and VBMS (VolkerWessels Boskalis Marine Solutions) for the cabling to the transformer station. 

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