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Windplan Groen is one of the four major wind energy projects in Flevoland and was officially inaugurated on March 28, 2024. The plan consists entirely of 11 wind farms, totaling 86 wind turbines. The installed capacity of the wind farm is 515 MW, which will annually produce approximately 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of sustainable electricity. This wind plan covers a large area in eastern Flevoland, and the turbines, with a rotor diameter of 164 meters and a tip height of up to 250 meters, can be considered gigantic. All this together makes Windpark Groen the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands.

Windkoepel Groen
Windkoepel Groen (WKG) is the initiator of Windplan Groen and consists of a collaboration between local residents and entrepreneurs. This association with independent members, together with various authorities, created a single Windplan Groen. What’s remarkable about this project is that over 80% of the farmers and residents in the project area own a share of the plan, totaling more than 400 people.

The role of Ventolines
The foundation of Windkoepel Groen’s success lies in bringing together and maintaining the initiators of the 11 wind farms. Ventolines facilitated a broad collaboration, ensuring the multitude of agreements. Additionally, we were responsible for contracting 9 of the 11 wind farms and the construction of 5 of them. If you’re interested in the construction phase of Windplan Groen and Ventolines’ role in it, watch this video below.

In addition to these activities, we developed a central ‘connection point’ on the high-voltage grid for 8 of the 11 wind farms. This so-called Green Closed Distribution System (GDG) was officially put into operation on March 10, 2023. More information about this can be found here

Further development of Windpark Groen
With these impressive results, we now enter the phase where Windplan Groen is operational, and Ventolines will continue to play an important role. We will manage the assets of 5 of the wind farms, while keeping an eye on reports from the surrounding area. Several improvements have already been made regarding shadow flicker and obstacle lighting. For the latter, a system will be implemented this year, ensuring that lighting only operates at night and when aircraft are nearby.

In order to achieve the national climate targets, sustainable energy projects are necessary. By 2020, 14% of the energy must be sustainable. In 2023, that should be 16%. With 90 wind turbines and an estimated capacity of 500 Megawatts, Windplan Groen is a substantial contribution to the national target. The wind farm will produce approximately 1.9 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. That is the same amount of electricity as is used annually in the entire province of Flevoland. The wind farm is the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands in terms of production and installed capacity.

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