Asset Manage­ment

Asset Management

Our daily business involves achieving maximum profitability from sustainable energy projects. We do this in a responsible manner, taking account of both people and the environment. By virtue of our proactive approach, we contribute to the optimisation of assets and the minimisation of costs. We consistently comply with ISO 55000 standards; quality and safety are always key to our operations. The portfolio we manage currently encompasses >800MW. Supported by our extensive expertise, whereby we are able to focus on both the risks and potential for optimisation of a project, we have the capacity to handle all aspects of asset management effectively and efficiently.

An experienced team

Ventolines has a seasoned asset management organisation boasting extensive technical knowhow about both older and more advanced wind turbines, as well as service providers and contracts. Our team can also perform technical inspections of wind turbines to assess their technical condition and quality of maintenance.

We also make use of state-of-the-art wind farm management and life cycle management systems. We ensure optimal profitability for your wind farm by deploying ongoing and effective wind turbine performance monitoring, pro-active project management and quality management.

Why asset management at Ventolines?

We are decisive, skilled and inventive, supported by a wide and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines, we work closely with engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business management experts and financial specialists. That is how we ensure progress for our customers across the full extent of their projects.

What can Ventolines do for you?

  • 24/7 performance monitoring and data storage
  • Data analyses of power curves, condition monitoring and trend analyses
  • Quality management
  • Safety management
  • Regular reporting
  • Contract management
  • Financial management
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