Ventolines guides clients in the development of renewable energy projects. We have experience on land and in the water, and work on solutions for solar, wind and system integration projects.

We design a clear route to the desired end result and guide our clients along the way. With a good view of the interests and wishes of all those involved. We feel owner and responsible for every phase of a project. Whereby we offer solutions for the challenges that come our way. Achieving a successful result together, that’s what it’s about for us. In this way, renewable energy moves everyone forward.

Team with specialists

With a team of more than 100 employees, Ventolines is an active player in the world of renewable energy projects. We are decisive, professional and inventive and have a deep and broad knowledge of the energy sector and of renewable energy in particular. Within Ventolines we work integrally with our own engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business experts and financial specialists. This enables us to support clients across the entire scope of a project.

How can we help?

  • Collaboration Models
  • Location Research
  • Wind Measurement Campaigns
  • Yield Calculations
  • Park Design
  • Environmental Management
  • Lobby, communication and process participation
  • Financial Participation
  • Permit Processes
  • Electricity Network Connections
  • Project Management

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