You can rely on us for the development of sustainable energy projects large or small, onshore and offshore. Because of our expertise and experience we can guarantee a reliable, high-quality final result. We think from the owner’s perspective, are aware of our responsibilities and keep going until we reach the finish line.

Why develop with Ventolines?

Our aim is to achieve the development of sustainable energy facilities that are of value to all stakeholders. Our team is composed of passionate specialists, mostly with a technical background, and this, in combination with a strong social awareness, means we are able to build the bridge between the technical details of a sustainable energy project and the interests of the various parties concerned.

We are decisive, skilled and inventive, with extensive experience in the realisation of both large- and small-scale projects. We therefore know what is needed throughout the development of any project to make it a success. We can tackle projects from A to Z, because we rely on in-house expertise for each and every project stage. Working closely with engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business management experts and financial specialists, we can always provide the optimal advice tailored to your sustainable energy project.

What can Ventolines do for you?

  • Cooperation models
  • Site research
  • Wind measuring campaigns
  • Profitability calculations and park layout
  • Environment management, lobbying and communication
  • Financial participation
  • Licensing pathways
  • Electricity network connections
  • Project supervision
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