Stakeholder­management & Communication

During the various phases of renewable energy projects, you can contact Ventolines for advice and support in the field of stakeholder management and communication. We see communication as a strategic instrument to achieve your goals in the environment of a wind, solar or storage project. We provide a clear communication strategy and can also take care of the implementation. From writing newsletters and press releases to organizing information evenings, press conferences, media trainings and building project websites.

How can we help?

  • Developing communication and participation plans
  • Creating stakeholder management plans
  • Formulating lobbying strategies
  • Conducting stakeholder analyses
  • Performing scenario analyses
  • Providing media training
  • Monitoring the political agenda and (social) media
  • Hosting (digital) information sessions
  • Crafting newsletters, press releases, Q&A documents, position papers, and other content
  • Building project websites

Team of specialists

Ventolines has experience in the field of communication and stakeholders management. The team can provide strategic advice as well as carry out communication. A thorough environmental analysis is essential before you start communicating. Monitoring the various stakeholders in the area, keeping ambassadors warm or mapping applicants. All essential for a clear analysis and a successful communication and stakeholders policy. Our experienced team can provide strategic advice and handle the execution of communication plans.

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