Stakeholder­management & Communication

During the various phases of renewable energy projects, you can contact Ventolines for advice and support in the field of communication and stakeholder management. We see communication as a strategic instrument to achieve your goals in the environment of a wind, solar or storage project. We provide a clear communication strategy and can also take care of the implementation. From writing newsletters and press releases to organizing press conferences, media trainings and information evenings.

How can we help?

  • Strategic Communication Plans
  • Stakeholder Management Plans
  • Public Affairs Plans
  • Stakeholders Analyses
  • Scenario Analyses
  • Media Training
  • Position Papers
  • Monitoring Political Agendas and News
  • Preparing Lobby Conversations
  • (Online) Information Meetings
  • Newsletters, Press Releases, Q&As and other content

Team of specialists

Ventolines has experience in the field of communication and stakeholders management. The team can provide strategic advice as well as carry out communication. A thorough environmental analysis is essential before you start communicating. Monitoring the various stakeholders in the area, keeping ambassadors warm or mapping applicants. All essential for a clear analysis and a successful communication and stakeholders policy. Our experienced team can provide strategic advice and handle the execution of communication plans.

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