Many contracts are needed for a renewable energy project. Think, for example, of agreements between banks and the borrowing party, contracts with various contractors and manufacturers, contracts for electricity sales and a grid connection agreement. Our team can advise on integral contract strategies and help with proper negotiation.

Standardised working method

Contracting is about creating predictable project results. That starts with coordinating the business drivers and the risk appetite of our clients. With our standardized contract templates and methodologies, we offer a structured approach and help reduce the risks of renewable energy projects.

Templates for contracts

  • Deliver predictable results; a limited number of changes and issues, high availability, good power production
  • Are aligned with key contractors and manufacturers
  • Are accepted by all reputable banks for project financing
  • Are the result of years of successful implementation of renewable energy projects

Team with specialists

Our development team consists of driven specialists with an often technical background. In combination with a strong social capacity, we can bridge the gap between the technical details of a sustainable energy project and the interests of various stakeholders. We have a deep and broad knowledge of the energy sector and of sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines we work integrally with our own engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business experts and financial specialists. In this way we help clients move forward across the entire width of a project.

How can we help you?

  • We advise on integral contract strategies
  • We help you negotiate contracts
  • We ensure that contracts are actually financeable
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