All sustainable energy projects involve multiple contracts. These include agreements between banks and lenders, agreements with various contractors and manufacturers, an agreement for the eventual sale of electric power and a network connection agreement. Our team can advise you about integral contract strategies as well as helping you to get the best results in negotiations.

Standardised templates and methodologies for contracts

Contracting is all about creating predictable project results. It begins with the alignment of the business motives and risk preparedness of our customers. Deploying our standardised contract templates and methodologies, we can help to reduce the risks associated with sustainable energy projects. Then, by means of a well structured approach, we can raise all project development activities to a consistently high level.

Our contract templates

  • Consistently yield predictable results (limited number of alterations and issues, outstanding availability, good power production)
  • Have been agreed with the major contractors and manufacturers
  • Are accepted by all the best known project-financing banks
  • Include the lessons learnt from dozens of completed projects

Why choose Ventolines?

We are decisive, skilled and inventive, supported by a wide and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines, we work closely with engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business management experts and financial specialists. That is how we ensure progress for our customers across the full extent of their projects.

What can Ventolines do for you?

  • We provide advice about integral contract strategies.
  • We assist you in obtaining optimal results from negotiations on multiple contracts.
  • • We ensure that the contracts are actually financially viable.
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