We can guide you through construction projects, whether large or small. Our services range from project/site management to inspections; whatever it takes to commission your energy project safely, operatiing, on time and within budget.

Why engage Ventolines?

Our Construction Management department consists of specialists, mainly with a technical-education background. Ventolines is decisive, skilled and inventive, supported by its wide and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines, we work closely with engineers, lawyers, communication advisors, business management experts and financial specialists. That is how we ensure progress for our customers across the full extent of their projects.


We make use of our own advanced IT tools to make performances and issues visible to the contractor, customer and construction management team. This means we can always access all project information and ensure that the time of the on-site construction management staff is spent effectively and efficiently.

What can Ventolines do for you?

Our team can guide you throughout various construction operations: the construction of a wind turbine, the installation of a network connection, the building of foundations or the realisation of crane installation sites, construction supply roads and wind park cabling layout. We will consistently deliver all that has been agreed; this is key to everything we do. In that context, facilitating a good collaboration between the different contractors is crucial, as is the ability to identify and solve issues.

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