We can guide you through construction projects, whether large or small. Our services range from project/site management to inspections; whatever it takes to commission your energy project safely, operating, on time and within budget.

Team of specialists

The Construction Management department consists of specialists with mainly a technical study background. We are decisive, skilled and inventive, always looking for solutions that are effective in practice. In addition, we possess a wide and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines, we work closely with engineers, business management experts, communication advisors and financial specialists. Therefore, we are able to provide high-quality advice for projects and ensure expert guidance in all relevant transactions.

Insight into projects

We use advanced IT tools that make performance and issues visible to the client, contractor and the construction management team. This gives us access to project information anytime, anywhere. This ensures unambiguous, transparent and efficient communication. And we save time and costs thanks to a shorter lead time, efficient working method and integral coordination between all those involved.

How can we help you?

We offer guidance with:

  • construction of crane hardstands, construction roads and park cabling
  • installing grid connections
  • building transformer stations
  • building wind turbines

To achieve this, we develop, build and manage renewable energy projects. With a good view of the interests and wishes of all those involved. We design a clear route to the desired end result. And guide our clients on that path. We feel that we own and are responsible for every phase of a project. We offer solutions for the challenges that come our way. Achieving a successful result together, that’s what it’s about for us. In this way, renewable energy moves everyone forward.

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