Financial advice and financial structuring

Financial advice and financial structuring

With our focus on financing, mergers and takeovers, contract negotiation and citizen participation, we can relieve you of all worries in terms of financial issues in the sustainable energy industry. Deploying our expertise, we can provide a valuable contribution throughout all the stages of any sustainable energy project.

Our activities

  • Managing project finance
  • Managing the sale or purchase pathway
  • Providing advice about the structure and implementation of citizen participation
  • Due diligence implementation and guidance
  • Setting up financial models for multiple operations, such as assessment, financing and analysis
  • Optimisation by virtue of an integrated approach, together with other departments

What can Ventolines do for you?

We provide advice about

  • Various types of financing, including project financing, development financing and pre-financing
  • Mergers and takeovers
  • (Contract) negotiations
  • Citizen participation

Why financial advice from Ventolines?

Our team consists of experienced finance professionals capable of handling a wide variety of financial issues. We are decisive, skilled and inventive, with extensive experience in the performance of financial analyses and transactions for sustainable energy projects, and we focus on the customer’s requirements and envisaged end result at every step.

We possess a wide and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry and sustainable energy in particular. Within Ventolines, we work closely with engineers, business management experts, lawyers and communication advisors. That is how we ensure progress for our customers across the full extent of their projects.

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